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Is This the Coolest Police Car Ever?

Fast pursuit.
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The 1960s saw the rise of the sports car and your standard English police car couldn't keep up with bank robbers, car snatchers, and other criminals zipping away in fast and furious rides. So, the police superintendent of Essex, England decided to load their force up with something that could compete with the fastest of civilian rides.

In May of 1962, he ordered a Triumph TR4 and kit it out with an illuminated front “POLICE” sign, trunk mounted “STOP” sign, air horns, hand operated spot lamp mounted to the passenger side windscreen frame, and a classic dispatch radio.  

Now, they finally had something that could challenge the most skilled of getaway drivers in speedy coupes.

Currently for sale, you can snag through the Petrolicious Market at a casual $79,000. For a one-of-one ride with a very cool history, we think that's quite the steal.