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The 'Thomas Crown Affair' Dune Buggy Is Heading to Auction

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There’s plenty of awesome automotive action in 1968's Thomas Crown Affair starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. But the most iconic car in the film isn't the Rolls or the Ferrari, it's the dune buggy.

Set to be auctioned off by Bonhams at the Amelia Island sale next spring, the 1966 Meyers Manx was completely customized during pre-production on the request of the King of Cool himself. “Crown lives at the beach and he has a dune buggy. I helped them design it, so I’m kinda proud of that," said McQueen in a period documentary about the movie. "It’s set on a Volkswagen chassis with big ol’ wide weenies – big wide tires on mag wheels, Corvair engine stuffed in the back. It’s very light, you know, because of the fiberglass body. It’s pulling about 230 horses and weighs about a thousand pounds.”

Though the dune buggy won't be available until next March, it's set to be on display from August 14 to August 16 at Bonhams’ auction tent in Carmel. If you're in town for the event, make sure to scope it out in person.