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Gentlemen, Start Your Morning: These Racing Inspired Razors Are All Sorts Of Stylish

Sponsored by The Art of Shaving.
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The Morris Park Collection from The Art of Shaving is a devilishly handsome collection of razors that are bright, sleek, and the perfect companion for your AM.

The design of the Morris Park Collection stands unique as it is inspired by the look of vintage cars, and mirrors their high-gloss, classic masculine aesthetic. 

Named after the historic Morris Park race track in New York, the collection features three killer colors: Signal Red, Royal Blue, and British Racing Green. Each razor comes complete with lacquered finish, chrome details, and of course--a white racing stripe, merging the razor’s timeless inspiration with a modern, cutting-edge appearance.

You can upgrade your grooming routine by heading here and snagging one (or all three) of the razors. For an even smoother shave, use along with The Art of Shaving’s 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave, the brand’s signature shaving system designed to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn and other common grooming problems. 

All in all, adding a little vintage racing style to your bathroom is an idea we can fully get behind.