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The World's First Tesla-Powered Range Rover Has Arrived

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We've salivated over E.C.D. Automotive Design and their bespoke, Corvette-powered Range Rovers and Defenders before. But they're swerved in an all-new direction with their latest creation, overhauling a Range Rover Classic with not a 6.2L Corvette Stingray LS3 V8 but a Tesla motor direct drivetrain. Some may call it a sacrilegious malefaction but we see it as nothing but a perfect combination of old and new.

The first of its kind, the electrified beauty delivers an estimated 220 miles of range with a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 5.2 seconds. It takes roughly five hours to fully charge and goes beyond the Teslafication with an array of aesthetic modifications for additional style points.

Interested in commissioning your own? Get in touch with them here to start customizing and pricing.