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Lately, we've been reveling in Taylor Stitch's incredible new moto collection including everything from butter-soft leather to bulletproof denim. A collection so cool that it was only a matter of time before the S.F.-based clothing juggernaut had to build a bike that could keep up. And now they are indeed quietly offering a one-off version of the coolest retro-inspired motorcycles we – or anyone else has ever seen.

The Alta Motors Redshift EX customized by Taylor Stitch is a truly unique two-wheeler. The electric bike packs all the looks and style of a classic motocross ride with the ideal ratio of speed, single track prowess, and urban capability – without the maintenance of a comparable gasoline-powered number.

As T.S. puts it, "The combination of low-weight and lightning-fast acceleration make for a potent street-legal motorcycle that will give you all the tools necessary to experience the off-road world in the purest manner possible." Well, almost all – you'll want to stock up on Taylor Stitch's leathers and denims as well. 

Now the really good part: Taylor Stitch designed a custom and decals among other details for what's bound to be the sickest bike on the block and on (and off) the road. The first person to put down a $1,000 deposit will be available for pickup after Dec. 15 with the full MSRP clocking in at a reasonable $15,495.

Of course the unique moto might well be sold by the time you finish reading this, but the good news is Taylor Stitch now has several cool clothing collections you can shop from to enhance any activity you care to pursue, from sailing to hiking, camping and biking to bar hopping – always in the best possible style.