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A Gorgeous Classic Porsche Collection Is Coming Up for Auction

Classic Porsche lovers have long known about Dayton, Ohio's Taj Ma Garaj Collection, the ultimate playground for all things Porsche (with a bit of VW thrown in for historical perspective). It was established by the late John Dixon, whose love for cars was equal only to his desire to share them with fellow enthusiasts.

Dixon passed away several years ago but his estate has finally decided it's time to sell the collection, and RM Sotheby's, the world's top automotive auction house, has been brought in to do it with style. The Taj Ma Garaj Collection will be auctioned on site in Dayton on September 28.

Offered without reserve, meaning there's a chance to score some serious deal, the collection consists of more than 30 gorgeous cars alongside more than 350 lots of memorabilia and collectibles that decorated Dixon's display space. The offerings run the full gamut of Porsche's designs but is focused on road cars and shys away from concours queens.

Included are some true rarities and oddities such as a stretch limo and a delivery van both crafted from Porsche 356s. As the story goes, "Dixon’s love affair with Porsche began the day a 911 passed him while he was driving his muscle car on the freeway in high school," and the rest was history, with the collection really coming into its own in the 1990s.

Evolving into "an eclectic Porsche paradise," Dixon acquired most of his cars and memorabilia before the skyrocketing prices that are commonplace today. He opened the collection to thousands of visitors over the years and also rented the space out for events. He was as knowledgeable about his cars as he was passionate," RM Sotheby's notes.

The collection represents "sought-after high watermarks in Porsche production" alongside cars that are "just plain fun," meaning there's something for everyone. Highlights include a  1967 Porsche 911 S Coupe, one of the best, most original, and lowest-mileage examples extant, which is expected to go for up to $450,000; and an exceedingly rare 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS Clubsport, one of just 59 built, expected to bring in up to $350,000.