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Here's How to Score Spotify's Upcoming Automotive Audio System for Free

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Spotify is making a Car Thing. And yes, that's the official name. It's awful — but the product itself is actually quite cool and handy for those with a retro ride sans CarPlay.

The intermediary device connects to Spotify via your phone and includes a large dial for choosing your playlists and podcasts, which provides a far better feel than maneuvering a large touchscreen when on the move. And if you prefer sloppy voice control that tracks your data and works correctly 25% of the time, it also responds to "Hey Spotify" voice commands.

Due to release later this year, it will set you back $79 USD to add this to your car kit. But for a limited time, randomly selected Spotify Premium subscribers will receive a Car Thing device completely complimentary. To be eligible, all you have to do is join the waitlist here