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Sponsored Post: Celebrities Drink Water Out Of New Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Car

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You wanna know what happens when you take two Hollywood stars, in this case (the gorgeous) Diane Kruger and (the always cool) Joshua Jackson, and stick them in the middle of nowhere, forcing them to live off only the water produced from a hydrogen car? Well, that happens here.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson both drive with fuel cell technology regularly in Hollywood and have been enthusiastic of the advancements, what it means, and what it offers. So naturally, they were the perfect people to stick in California's Death Valley, one of the hottest and driest places on earth, with nothing but the water produced from a Mercedes F-CELL to survive.


It's amazing how under the radar zero-emission hydrogen power has been. You've got a lot of big guns in the battery electric vehicle space that are getting a ton of buzz, and it seems like almost everyone with a license in California is driving around with a plug-in hybrid. But hydrogen power? That's been WAY too overlooked. And that needs to change ASAP. Mercedes-Benz has been working hard to hardness the power of water and are nearly there in making it mass market. With the B-Class F-CELL, they have engineered and developed hydrogen fuel cell and they're available for lease in select markets TODAY. And will soon be everywhere Mercedes-Benz is sold eventually.

Stat wise, the F-CELL has 134 hp, so it's definitely no slump, and a range of around 190 miles, which is plenty and very much the real deal. You gotta be excited for this car, this technology, and seeing how it will all play out against hybrid and electric vehicles.

This post has been sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, but concerns our own opinion.