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Sponsored: Is Paying Off Someone’s Car Loan Up To $25,000

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unnamed is basically the king of car shopping online and they're awesome enough to pay off someone's car loan up to a cool $25k just by entering this contest. How does the promotion work? Well, it's super easy.

1.) Have a new ride? Take a photo of you and the car with your #newcarface. You get bonus points for creativity, so don't be Mr. Boring McSnorefest.

2.) Add a witty caption and as many catchy hashtags as you can possibly come up with. But one of those HAS to be #newcarface.

3.) You also gotta tag your entry with @carsdotcom. Takes two seconds. Piece of cake.

4.) Blast it out to social networks. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all of it. Spread the word, show off your #newcarface, be awesome.

Now, here are some important regulations to make sure you qualify to win (up to $25k) big.

- Your new car doesn’t have to be brand spankin' new, but it has to be new to you and purchased or leased no earlier than 1/1/12. No exceptions - sorry!

- The loan must be in your (or an immediate family member’s) name and held with a state-licensed lender at time of entry. 99.99% of people on the planet should have no problem with this.

- Avoid content you don't own the rights to (like that sports team logo on the shirt you're wearing) and keep things like your license plate our of the picture. You don't want that kind of info hitting the web.

- Be a nice person. No obscene, offensive, profane, violent or sexually explicit content. That shouldn't be a problem for most, but we've all seen a YouTube comment thread, so just being sure...

Here are some (heavily staged) examples of what they're looking for. Just go for this kind of style and personality, you don't need a professional photo studio to win.




Want some more examples? Head here. Tons of good ones to get some inspiration from and an easy way to size up your competition.

Good luck!