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'Spectre' Will Feature This Jaguar Hypercar That Gives 007's Ride Some Serious Competition

Sorry, James. This wouldn't be easy.
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Dubbed the Jaguar C-X75, this seriously cool hypercar will give Bond's Aston Martin a run for its money in Spectre

The tour de force will be driven by the villainous Hinx, an assassin played by Guardians Of The Galaxy's Dave Bautista. Not sure how a 6' 6" former wrestling champ who weighs nearly 300 pounds will even fit in this thing, but that's what body doubles are for.

It'll be exciting to see this thing in motion, most likely in a wild car chase scene where e-brakes are pulled and bullets fall like raindrops. Unfortunately, you won't be able to reenact the hijinks, as this baby is just a concept with no plans to be mass produced. What a tease.