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The Second Generation Porsche Panamera Is Leaner and Meaner

Hello, beautiful.

Seven years after the original Porsche Panamera launched to mediocre reviews, the German gearheads finally revamped the ride with an updated look and more 911-y style. Let's just say dropping six figures on a four-door just got a whole lot more intoxicating......

Though there's plenty of things to like about the ride, the coolest might be the wing of the 550 hp Turbo, which as Jalopnik elegantly reported, is "some fucking Iron Man shit."

Prices range from the base at $99,000 to the Turbo at $146,900, though no specific performance numbers have been released yet. It will hit dealerships later this year.

Has a car ever made a visual comeback like this before? Just shows that small, subtle changes go a really long way.