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Sammy Davis Jr.'s Rolls-Royce Just Hit the Market

A piece of music history is going up for grabs.
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Back in the day, Frank Sinatra gifted this 1977 Rolls-Royce Camargue to his Rat Pack buddy Sammy Davis Jr for a cool $148,000. In today's money, that pretty much translates to the most expensive car on the road.

There were only 530 built during its run, but of those, a mere 30 entered the United States. The rest were scatted overseas and crafted with left-hand drive.

According to his biography, “Davis, who was married to Swedish actress May Britt and had secret affairs with an endless parade of blondes, his sexual obsession, traveled everywhere in his Rolls-Royce with an entourage of strippers and porn stars.” Interesting.

Years later, the ride was purchased by a prominent New York City Mafia family that blacked-out the windows for enhanced privacy. Also interesting.

So, if you're into a luxurymobile with serious (albeit often questionable) history, it's heading to the Amelia Island auction hosted by Bonhams later this year. With only a modest mileage of 59,000 and minimal repair history, the estimated value is surprisingly low–south of $46,000. Hopefully, it's been well cleaned...