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The Porsche Taycan Will Be First Car With Native Apple Music Integration

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The Porsche Taycan, pronounced “tie-con,” is our most anticipated automotive release since the inception of this publication and we can't wait to see what the legendary German manufacturer has in store for all of us once we can finally get behind the wheel.

On top of all the style and speed, it was just announced that the EV will be the world's first production vehicle to come fully integrated with Apple Music. Unlike CarPlay, which requires linking your iPhone to your vehicle, this solution will be available directly from the touch screens of the car after linking your Apple ID and Taycan ID together. It's seamless and sleeker, so naturally, we love it.

In addition, Porsche also announced that Taycan owners will receive three years of on-the-go internet for free. “None of our customers will have to worry about data consumption while streaming,” says Lars Buchwald, Director of Sales and Marketing at Porsche Connect for Porsche.

The Porsche Taycan is set to hit showrooms sometime in 2020 and carry a base price of around $75,000.