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This Cool Book Celebrates the German Graphics God Behind Early Porsche Posters

Even if you've never heard of Erich Strenger, we're pretty sure you're a fan of his work. Between 1951 and 1988 the German graphic artist created some of the most iconic Porsche posters and photos ever, literally establishing the marque's image, and his influence can still be seen today. 

A cool new book by Mats Kublak from German publisher Delius Klasing in conjunction with the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and available to order on Amazon finally gives the master his due. Starting off as a freelancer in Porsche's employ, he went on to found one of Stuttgart's most important ad agencies.

The book showcases a first-ever comprehensive collection of his work, created over the course of his longstanding collaboration with Porsche, and covers many of the marque's seminal moments, including its many landmark racing victories.

Whether you're a Porschephile, into graphic design or just a connoisseur of cool things in general, this is a book you're going to want to add to your collection. The series of photos of Porsche 356s in winter landscapes is worth the price of admission alone....