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If You Love Porsches and Art This Book Is a Must Have

We've seen dozens of cool coffee table books about Porsches. Ditto many about art. But a book about Porsches and art? That's sheer genius.

German publisher Delius Klasing came up with concept, called naturally enough The Porsche Art Book and now available to order on Amazon. It's curated by renowned German painter Uli Hack, famous for his Formula 1 posters and car canvases.

The cover of the book features the incredible work of Chris Labrooy, the Scotland-based 3D artist whose surreal pieces featuring classic 911s in Palms Springs-style settings are truly incredible. 

Two dozen artists from around the world are profiled in total, including Marcello Petisci, Wolf Gast, Nicolas Hunziker (a personal favorite), Alina Knott, Stéphane Dufour, Tony Crampton, Dexter Brown, and Yahn Janou, all of them approaching a subject dear to our hearts with verve and panache.

"What the artists showcased in this book have in common is their affinity with technology as well as design," writes Michael Mauer, Chief Designer of Porsche, in his introduction, in which he describes Porsches as "drivable art."

"Mostly the focal point of the artworks is the 911," he notes, "a good choice. Just as a painter develops by going through the different stages—the red phase, the blue phase—the 911 also experienced changes without losing its intrinsic strength, becoming in principle, a graphic sculpture. Familiar, transformed, symbolic."

Next up someone should definitely organize an exhibition of these super-talented, automotive-loving artists. Porsche Museum, we're looking at you....