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An Ultra-Rare Porsche 964 Turbo Flatnose Hits The Market In Pristine Condition

One of 12 ever produced in right-hand drive configuration.

Parked in a private collection for over 20 years, this 964 generation of Porsche's legendary 911 is now looking for a very lucky garage. 

The Turbo Slantnose made a final production run in 1964 with only 76 German units coming off the line. Twelve of those were created for right-hand drive purposes. 

When Porsche finished manufacturing the 964 Turbos, they utilized 90 surplus chassis to build which is now a highly sought after Slantnose version. And this specific version is unspoiled – with only 630 miles on the clock, this Slantnose 911 is the closest you'll find to brand new. 

Sporting black metallic paintwork, this unique 964 Turbo is powered by the X88 engine package – 385 horsepower fueled by a flat-six, 3.6 liter Turbo S motor-unit. How do you say buckle up in German? 

Porsche's dealer network couldn't wait to get their hands on the wheels of the 76 final, department-built Turbo Flachbau, or flatnose vehicles. 

Propped up with 18-inch polished, RS Cup alloy wheels, this German prize also has an electric sunroof, automatic climate control, electric seats, and full-black leather interior to complement the slanted body.

Obtainable for roughly $900,000 U.S. dollars, this 964 Turbo Flatnose is worthy of every cent. Gentleman, start your engines – it's time to get out your checkbook and favorite fountain pen.