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This Classic Porsche 911 Targa Has a Bespoke Berluti Leather Interior

An incredible 1973 Porsche 911 Targa with a one-off bespoke Berluti leather interior will be the starring lot in a Sotheby's online auction running from April 24–May 7 celebrating the ultimate in custom craftsmanship. Estimated at up to $250,000, the cool-as-hell classic comes from the final production year of the coveted long-bonnet/narrow bumper F-series Targas.

Berluti of Paris, the ultra-luxe shoe and leathergoods house owned by LVMH, was established in 1895 and its famous clients over the years have included everyone from Marcel Proust and the Duke of Windsor to Andy Warhol and Jeremy Irons. Its signature Venizia leather is deeply burnished giving it a rich patina and making this one of the most beautiful 911 Targas ever. 

The starring lot of the Berluti: The Art of Craftsmanship sale, it features the original air-cooled 2.4 liter flax six engine good for 190 hp. It's the S variant meaning it shares many of the same features of the 2.7 RS which succeeded it. This is the first ever fully customized car from Berluti, and all work was carried out by a master upholsterer under the guidance of the Berluti atelier in France.

In addition to the seats themselves, details include a full Venezia leather-trimmed steering wheel and dashboard with open seam and double top-stitching; a hand-stitched leather-sheathed gear shift knob; a custom Targa roof with a leather headliner; a front boot interior and engine compartment trimmed in Venezia leather; and a 'Berluti Paris' signature on the glove compartment door along with 'B' logos on the steering wheel and custom key fob.

While Berluti is not the only French luxury goods house to have dabbled in custom car interiors, this is the most elegant and sartorially stunning one we've ever seen. And it comes equipped with some equally elegant Berluti leather accessories.

These include a special pair of driving moccasins and a Venezia leather weekend bag for the perfect road trip in this drop-dead gorgeous Targa. There are other gentlemanly accessories in the sale which would look great in the car's boot as well, including a soccer ball, sneakers a backpack and a pair of leather-wrapped dumbbells. 

While it may be more expensive than most other Targas, even in concours condition, we can guarantee you'll never run into another one like as long as you live and drive....