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First Look At The Porsche 718 Cayman

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Porsche has given their Cayman and Boxster models a little extra oomph with the addition of the 718 namesake and tweaks in performance and design. 

We've already gave you the low-down on the 718 Boxster, but Porsche hasn't revealed much about the 718 Cayman until today. Mechanically, it's identical to the 718 Boxster, packing a 296bhp turbocharged four-cylinder engine that won't keep up with the most dynamic 911s but will blow away the majority of other rides on the road.

Visually, the changes aren't as drastic as the 718 Boxster, but the new 718 Cayman has an updated front fascia with a sharper profile, a wider (more muscle-y) look, slim-downed front lights, and completely redesigned taillights that look almost three-dimensional. 

They also completely redesigned the 718 cockpit, with a sleek design and Apple CarPlay, which is pretty much the gold class of auto-interfaces right now.

The 718 Cayman will hit dealers in November of this year with prices starting at $53,900.