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We've been diving deep on Polestar as of late, falling more and more in love with the Swedish automaker and its signature EV hatch at every turn. And this clip of the one-off Polestar 2 "Arctic Circle" Edition getting sideways in winter conditions was especially impressive.

A unique showpiece unintended for customer production, it's fitted with a number of cold weather boosts including a raised ride height (+1.18 in), increased power (now good for 469 hp), custom-made 19-inch studded winter tires, four Stedi Quad Pro LED front lights, a unique exterior livery in matte grey and white, custom-upholstered Recaro front bucket seats, a carbon fiber skid plate for additional underbody protection, and a prototype launch control system integrated via the steering wheel. Finally, a mounted carbon fiber snow shovel and recovery strap complete the look.