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Stunning Shots of an Air-Cooled 911 Driving Through San Fransisco

Not your average Sunday drive.

It's cool to own an air-cooled 911, it's even cooler to be homies with a professional photographer to capture high-performance shots of driving said 911. 

That's exactly what friend-of-the-site lensman Jeff Stockwell did. Based in Long Beach, California, he trekked the 415 salty miles North up to Land's End to capture a Sunday drive backlit by the edge of San Fransisco. 

The shoot features a vintage rat rod 911 – whom while isn't modeling during twilight hour, she can be found handling the rally scene. It's air-cooled 3.0 motor engine is complemented with gold Campi wheels – a tribute to the club racers of the '60s and '70s – rugged cargo roof rack, and enough German grit to intimidate fellow vehicles on the road. And impress any lady lucky enough to be picked up in.