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The Hummer Is Officially Back—And Fully Electric

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GMC has revived the Hummer name and brand as a fully electric SUV with a unique look that's sure to please a certain crowd. 

The EV dishes out roughly 250 miles of range and tons of power through its dual-motor system, delivering 625 hp with 7,400 lb-ft of torque. GMC will also be offering an Edition 1 variant at launch, with more range (roughly 350 miles) and more power (1,000 hp).

Key features include a "Crab Walk" mode designed to maneuver diagonally on rough terrain — though it feels destined to become a parking lot gimmick — along with a gorgeous "Infinity Roof" and an "Extract Mode" that can raise the truck up to six inches.

Due to reach customers sometime in 2022, pricing will start at $79,999 USD.