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Bugatti has just unveiled a new version of the Chiron Super Sport featuring enhanced aerodynamics and a boosted quad-turbo W-16 engine good for 1,577 hp and 1,180 lb-ft. of torque. Its top speed, meanwhile, has to be electronically limited, tapping out at a cool 273 mph. 

Other changes include a new set of aluminum wheels featuring an exclusive five-Y-spoke design, a completely new reconfiguration of the exhaust architecture, and a remixed, streamlined longtail silhouette.

“The Chiron Super Sport is incredibly fast, drives very precisely and easily at high speeds, and is at the same time very comfortable, even on longer tours," notes a professional racing car driver (and official Bugatti ambassador) Andy Wallace. "It's a breathtaking mix and a great feeling to drive fast in the car."

Limited to just 60 examples worldwide, it's expected to first be available in early 2022.