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Six Ways to Massively Enhance Your Driving Experience

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A few key purchases can take your driving experience from zero to hero without breaking the bank, making your car feel more comfortable and relaxing than ever before. Here are our favorite ways to upgrade:

Native Union Lightning Cable, $19

Standard iPhone cables tend to turn yellow from the sun or brown from dirt and grime. Do it better with this luxurious cloth cable from Nation Union, which looks better and charges faster.

XINDA Universal Garage Door Opener, $19

Swap out the dingy garage door opener for this sleek universal option with a painless pairing process.

Gmark Linen-Feel Guest Towels (200 Pack), $26

Skip the sloppy Starbucks napkins in your glove compartment and go with a more thoughtful approach: linen-feel guest towels usually reserved bathrooms at luxurious country clubs and hotels.

Endel Subscription, $6/Month

Endel is an ambient music app that creates personalized soundscapes that better your mind and body. In addition to plenty of playlists for the home and office that focus on things like relaxation or deep work, they offer a commuting mode that will put you in the right headspace whenever you get behind the wheel. Pure nirvana.

Drift Air Freshener, $8

Ditch the tacky hanging tree air freshener and the harsh chemicals that come with and opt for this heavenly option from Drift, our sponsor, who soaks antibacterial and antifungal cedar with natural essential oils.

VSSL First Aid Flashlight, $125

In case of emergency, you'll be glad you had this waterproof flashlight kit from VSSL on hand that's made from military-grade aluminum. Not only is it a 200-lumen LED flashlight but it secretly holds 46 essential first aid items ranging from tape and bandages to burn cream and tweezers.