The Bike From the Opening of 'Skyfall' Is Looking for a Super Spy Owner

Up for auction with your name on it.
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Up for auction with your name on it.

In 2012, Daniel Craig returned as secret agent James Bond in Skyfall, the most profitable 007 movie in history.

Like all good Bond films, it ripped open with a breathtaking action scene, which included 007 chasing a hit-man across Istanbul on modified Honda CRF250R moto-crossers.

The one Bond rode was customized to look like a local merchant's bike while the hitman's bike, available soon through a Bonhams auction, was made to look like a Turkish police motorcycle. 

For those wanting a relatively affordable piece of James Bond history, we can't think of a wiser move than snagging this thing. It's expected to fall between $16,000 and $21,000 all said and done.