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Just in time for Ferrari's 70th-anniversary celebrations, the amazing Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is opening an eye-popping exhibition of the greatest Ferraris ever made.

Sited in the Bruce Meyer Family Gallery, “Seeing Red: 70 Years of Ferrari” is a high-octane homage to seven decades of ridiculously fast and beautiful works of automotive art from the marque founded by Enzo Ferrari whose first car debuted in 1947.

As the name implies, all of the cars in the “Seeing Red” exhibit are finished in Ferrari's signature fire engine red paint. The show will run for a full year through April 2018 so you have plenty of time to make it to LA.

But in the meantime here's the cream of the crop to fuel your tire-screeching dreams:

1.) 1949 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta

One of the earliest Ferraris ever to bear the now famous prancing horse badge. In 1949, Luigi Chinetti drove a 166M to Ferrari's first win in motorsports, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Ferrari went on to dominate the early years of the World Sportscar Championship, winning the title seven out of its first nine years.

2.) 1955 Ferrari 857 Sport

The 857 S made its debut at the RAC Tourist Trophy in Ireland and was designed to compete with Mercedes-Benz's legendary Gullwings. Little known fact: Andy Warhol once owned an 857 S and planned to make a movie with it. 

3.) 1961 Ferrari 250 California Spyder SWB

Designed for export to North America, the 250 Spyder California helped establish Ferrari's reputation in the States. Now universally known as the Ferris Bueller Ferrari, though in fact, the movie car was a replica (thank God). 

4.) 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

The most beautiful and most valuable Ferrari ever made as well as one of the most successful competitively, 250 GTOs have long been the holy grail for car collectors. The rarest examples are now said to be nearing the $100 million mark.

5.) 1965 Ferrari 250 LM

A 250LM competing in the Prototype category won the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans, though it was originally intended for production as a road-going Grand Tourer (GT). It's sinuous Pininfarina bodywork was also a winner.

6.) 1976 Ferrari 312T2

None other than Niki Lauda drove the 312T2 Formula One car on display at the show. Equipped with a powerful and ultra reliable flat-12 engine, the 312T series won 27 races, four Constructors' and three Drivers' Championships in all, 

7.) 1988 Ferrari 288 GTO

Considered by many to be the first in the now legendary line of modern Ferrari supercars, the 288 GTO was only the second Ferrari to carry the "Gran Turismo Omologata" designation for a race-tuned car that was still street legal. 

8.) 2003 Ferrari Enzo

From supercars to "hypercars", the Enzo is fittingly named after the marque's founder himself. The barely legal V12, built using Formula One technology including a carbon fiber body, designed by Ken Okuyama, former head designer for Pininfarina. 

9.) 2006 Ferrari 248 F1

The 248 model was driven by Ferrari's famed F1 drivers Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa. Overall it delivered 9 race wins (out of 18) and 7 pole positions, and second-place finishes in both the Drivers' and Constructors' World Championships for Ferrari. 

10.) 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

Proving that Ferrari still has the power to astonish, the marque's most recent hypercar set new records for performance and cost; one example was auctioned in 2016 for $7 million. Only 500 of the eye-popping vehicles were ever built, now followed by an even more exclusive convertible version.