Watch Somone Meticulously Restore Hot Wheels Diecast Cars and Trucks

Here are our three favorite rebuilds.
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Perusing the autos and vehicles YouTube category, we flicked through these unthinkable restoration videos. But unlike most transformations, these auto-remodels are methodically sculpted as Hot Wheels cars and trucks, not actual rides. Making for a painstakingly detailed approach to restore whips, these videos are mysteriously tranquil to watch.

Here are our three favorites:

Lamborghini Countach LP400

Watch in awe how the original Hot Wheels Lamborghini Countach LP400S receives a major facelift transforming the bland Mattel model into a sexy green Countach LP400.

Ford F1

Because every custom Hot Wheels Ford F1 truck should have a real wood bed. 

Ford Mustang No 8

OK, so this may not be a pure Hot Wheels restoration job. But this Matchbox (Hot Wheels' main competitor back in the day) overhaul is too elaborate to miss.