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Mercedes' Concept A Sedan Is the Cool Future of Compact Luxury

"Sensual purity."

Mercedes-Benz is about to up the ante on compact luxury cars judging by the drool-worthy Concept A Sedan they just unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. The first thing that catches the eye is Benz's new Panamericana grille, which can be seen on the top-class AMG GT.

On the Concept A the grille, which features vertical chrome inserts, is actually tilted forward for an even more rakish appearance. It's part of Benz's ever-increasing commitment to the principal of "sensual purity" in its designs.

According to Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG, it also signals "the time of creases is over" in automotive design language. Instead, you get what he terms "a sensual treatment of surfaces" with reduced lines and perfect proportions.

A compact sedan with the presence of a coupe, it sits on massive 20-inch wheels announcing its ability to tear up the road. And the dark tinted windows and panoramic glass roof allow you to see the landscape flying by.

Another eye-catching element is the headlamps featuring a grid structure coated with UV paint exposed to ultraviolet light. As a result, they "glow" in different colors, depending on the light medium – white for daytime running and sexier hues at night.

Finally, the stretched hood with "Powerdomes" and a large, lower air inlet with a diamond grid structure announce the Concept A's asphalt-eating intentions. And to cap it off there's a trim strip in dark chrome for that subtle touch of evil that says "Wanna race?" in German, of course....