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Mercedes-Benz just unveiled a gorgeously futuristic concept car that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi moving flying through some techno metropolitan. 

Dubbed the IAA, the silver bullet looks like a normal (albeit incredibly forward thinking) ride when parked or going under 50 mph. 

See? Same old, same old.

But the second you hit over 50mph, panels fly out of the back and transform the look of the car, adding important aerodynamics to increase acceleration, top speed, and handling. It goes from futuristic car to fighter jet on wheels.

We're not sure what's going on with the interior, nor can we tell if it's the lamest or coolest thing ever, but one thing is for sure--Mercedes-Benz is pushing the needle forward. This thing is wacky--like something The Joker might design--and it's kind of amazing because of it.

All in all, the car is pretty unreal, even if the interior would do well by sticking with a more traditional color scheme. There's no word if this will actually make its way to market, but we're like the big swings Mercedes-Benz is taking. For them, it's homerun or bust, and we could use a few more Chris Davis' in the car game.