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McLaren Channels Batman With the Race-Ready 20S GT3X

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McLaren has just revealed the eye-popping 720S GT3X, a track-only supercar developed by the GT motorsport team. And though it's not intended for crimefighting, it sure feels primed for Bruce Wayne's brand of vigilantism. 

The stunner is powered by McLaren's 4.0L twin-turbo V8 which is good for 710 hp with an additional 30hp increased via a steering-wheel-mounted "push-to-pass" button. It's stripped down to only the essentials, too, with a healthy amount of carbon fiber throughout the interior in addition to a kevlar race seat. The result is a weight of just 2,668 lbs, which is roughly 440 lbs lighter than the 720S.

It's painted and hand-finished in metallic MSO Carbon Black paint with a stylish pinstripe in McLaren Orange for some F1 appeal. And though we haven't spotted a price yet, it is available to order via your local McLaren dealership.