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McLaren Unveils Gorgeous Open-Cockpit Road Car

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The McLaren Elva was just made its debut and we're absolutely in love with its eye-popping nature.

Powered by a thundering twin-turbo V8 good for 804 hp and a 0-60 mph time under three seconds, it's speed certainly matches is style.

It's also the lightest road car yet from the manufacturer thanks to a healthy amount of carbon fiber throughout, from a bespoke carbon fiber chassis and body to sintered carbon-ceramic brakes. Even the seats are made from a unique blend of the luxe material.

And most noticeably, there's no roof or windscreen or even side windows. It's a true open-cockpit road car, a first by McLaren. The engineers were able to pull it off by creating an active air management system, which redirects air over the cockpit to keep things comfortable.

Limited to just 399 examples and priced at $1.69mm, customers should expect deliveries to begin in late 2020.