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McIntosh Labs Just Gave the New Jeep Cherokee a Major Audio Upgrade

A few years ago Jeep and McIntosh Labs first started collaborating on the Grand Wagoneer concept vehicle revealed this past September. Now the legendary luxury audio firm, founded 1949, has debuted an entertainment setup for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee that is one of the coolest things ever to happen to car audio.

McIntosh has been world-famous since their amplifiers were used at the original Woodstock music festival in 1969, and the Grateful Dead's groundbreaking Wall of Sound in the 1970s. The company has dabbled in this realm before, most notably with the 40th-anniversary edition of the Ford GT, but that was extremely limited in scope.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee MX950 McIntosh Entertainment System is currently the company's only car audio rig, marking a major coup for Jeep. It's a fitting component of Jeep's most opulent interior ever, which sets a new standard for domestic auto design.

The McIntosh system will initially be available in the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L in Overland and Summit trim, and comes standard on vehicles equipped with the Summit Reserve Package. The models are set to hit showrooms this spring. 

All McIntosh audio components, highly coveted by audiophiles, are handcrafted in their in Binghamton, NY factory, and the brand's iconic "McIntosh Blue" Watt Meters are known the world over, and the retro element is carried over onto the Jeep system, along with other design flourishes.

The MX950 McIntosh Entertainment System features 19 speakers in 12 optimal locations to "deliver precision sound through every inch of the vehicle," while a 17-channel amplifier delivers up to 950 watts of power. The system also has LD/HP speaker design to lower distortion and McIntosh Power Guard for "unrivaled clarity even at very high-volume levels."

McIntosh says engineers from both companies "worked hand-in-hand to fuse form and function into the system architecture. Engineers constantly went back and forth between the test vehicle and the McIntosh Reference Room itself to ensure a truly authentic McIntosh experience, even in a car." The resulting system, the promise, is "revolutionary."