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Maserati Shows Off the MC20 Supercar in Sub-Zero Style

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Maserati first unveiled the MC20 supercar in Sept. of last year, which stunned the world with its sleek design and general sex appeal. And now they're really showing it off in style thanks to a new clip filmed at Ghiacciodromo Livigno, a specialized ice driving school in Italy.

“During its cold-weather mission, the super sports car was tested to evaluate engine cold starting, the low-temperature performance of its elastic components, and the car’s handling on cold and low-grip asphalt surfaces,” says the automaker. “The test is also performed to verify the correct functioning of the Climate Control System in cold conditions; and tests were also conducted on the battery, suspensions, and brakes.”

Featuring a 0-62 mph burst of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph, we expect a release date and pricing info to fall soon.