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Lykan Hypersport

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W Motors just produced the first supercar manufactured in the Middle East, the Lykan Hypersport. It features an aggressive body, a 750hp flat-six engine with an estimated 0-62 acceleration of only 2.8 seconds and a max speed of 240 mph---all things very practical for your daily commute to work. There will only be seven of these cars produced, each estimated to cost a whopping $3.4 million each. To put that price in perspective, you could buy 28 brand new Audi R8's for the same amount of cash it would cost to own just one of these.



Other bells and whistles included with the Lykan Hypersport are diamond encrusted LED lights, a holographic display, carbon fiber frame, a gold plated hood and your choice of gold or platinum keys. To top things off, they'll throw in a matching $200,000 special edition Cyrus Klepcy watch, because what's the point of driving this car if your wrist game is weak?