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Lunaz Design — the buzzy British automotive group funded by David Beckham and others — revives legendary classic cars with electric powertrains. And they unleashed an unbeatable take on the Aston Martin DB6.

Built at their HQ in Silverstone, each fully restored and re-imagined Aston Martin DB6 goes fully electric under their watch thanks to a proprietary modular electric powertrain developed entirely in-house. The range is set at 255 miles, while CCS fast-charging capability makes juicing up a breeze.

Beyond the obvious upgrades like brakes and suspension, the group also brings interior comfort to modern standards with air conditioning and the latest infotainment and navigation systems. Read-outs for battery status, however, as well as other contemporary functions, are integrated seamlessly into the original design for a retro-future feel.

Pricing is quite substantial of course, starting at $1mm USD. Deep pockets can make their way here for more intel and info.