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Lotus' New Hypercar Gets the Celebrity Photo Shoot Treatment

Want to know what the next James Bond will be driving? If he (or she) is lucky, it'll be the newest hypercar from Lotus, the UK-based marque that will forever be associated with 007 thanks to that amphibious Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me

The all-electric marvel, the most powerful Lotus ever, packs an incredible 1,970 hp, and can rocket from 0 to 62 mph in under three seconds. Only 130 will be built, carrying a price tag of more than $2 million apiece—all of which have already been spoken for. 

At the prestigious 2020 MUSE Global Design Awards, the creative design competition that honors the world's best designers, architects, interior designers, products, and design-oriented companies, the Evija just won overall victory in the Automotive Transportation Design category.

To celebrate, Lotus invited several of the UK's most creative young photographers to shoot the stunning Evija in and around Duke of London, a former 1930s soap factory in West London transformed into a "stunning motoring venue and tribute to all things automotive."

Lotus invited each photographer to shoot the hypercar in their own style in any location around the site. The results are now available via their respective Instagram feeds. Collaborators included Mike Will, @m.visuals; Luke Jackson Clark, @watchluk; Krishan Parmar, @masterkrishan; Alex Carmichael, @Carms; Timothy James, @ThisIsTimothy; Sam Moores, @sammooresphoto; Carl Thompson, @carlthompson; and Thomas Howarth, @horsepower_hunters.

“When you have spent thousands of hours looking at something from every angle—as I have with the Evija—it’s fascinating to see how talented and creative people choose to photograph it when they’re seeing it for the first time," notes Russell Carr, Lotus' Director of Design. "There is some amazing work in this collection and the design of the car really shines through.”