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Lamborghini's Sexy New Plug-In Hybrid Is The Opposite Of A Prius

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Lamborghini, makers of some of the most sought after cars in the world, just announced the Asterion LPI 910-4, a 910 hp hybrid concept car capable of hitting 200 mph on the radar gun. There's a few things we REALLY like about this ride. First, it ditched the super aggressive lines of modern Lambo's for some curves, and man, is it a looker. Second, it's not trying to be a hyper-fast car meant for the race track, it's meant to be an everyday cruiser that just so happens to be a really really fast supercar. Think of it like a Telsa Model S, you wouldn't mind taking that to work or the grocery store, right? But just on tons of steroids and HGH. Really hoping Lamborghini turns this thing into a reality. If it's at a price point of around $100,000, just about every dude with a decent paycheck will be highly considering it as their next.






h/t Supercompressor