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Lamborghini Restored This Miura SV To Absolute Perfection

You're about to be impressed.
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Lamborghini recently relaunched PoloStorico, a restoration team that's taking classic Lambo rides and making them as pretty and lust-worthy as possible. First up? An absoltuely immaculate Miura SV that's just dripping in cool.

This ride was a pre-production one-off prototype that was shown off by the brand at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971. There isn't a few dozen of these things floating around the world, just this very one.

The resto team kept everything as true as possible to the original and the final product turned out outstanding. 

There's no word on whether they'll ever bring this thing to auction or just keep the beauty in-house, but we're quite jealous of anyone who will ever get behind the wheel of this thing.....

Make sure to check it out in person if you're at the 2016 Amelia Island auctions. They'll have this looker on display for you to ogle at.