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23 Lamborghini Miuras Just Made an Incredible Pilgrimage "Home" to Spain

The world's first supercar.

This year the Lamborghini Miura, aka the world's first supercar, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a number of events around the world. But the most awe-inspiring has to be the pilgrimage 23 of the stunning cars just made to Spain and the famed fighting bull ranch which gave the Miura its legendary name in the first place.

In 1966 Ferruccio Lamborghini came up with the moniker after visiting Don Eduardo Miura at his ranch in Andalucia, Spain, who was famed for breeding some of the fiercest fighting bulls in the world. He also adopted a bull as the marque's now-iconic logo. 

Capable of 170mph, the Miura was the definitive object of automotive and cultural desire, a colorful icon of the 1960s and 1970s beloved of early oil sheikhs, rulers, tycoons, pop stars and playboys including Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, and Aristotle Onassis. 

The epic journey to the Miura ranch through some stunning scenery was organized by Simon Kidston, a longstanding Miura owner, founder of Kidston SA and one of the world's foremost classic car experts, whom the Financial Times calls "the archetypical gentleman." 

His goal was to bring together the greatest selection of Miuras ever assembled and "return them to their spiritual home." “Nobody will deny that this event has been an opportunity for some very lucky Miura owners to enjoy their cars to the full on some great roads," he notes, "but we also wanted to capture the moment in evocative images; ones that provide a fitting new chapter in the car’s history.”

The 23 cars that participated in the event included a stunning, one-of-four 1972 P400 SVJ built for famed Haitian hotelier Alberto Silvero of Port au Prince, a 1970 P400 S first sold to Edmondo Lamborghini, brother of Ferruccio, and both the oldest and youngest Miuras in existence.

In conjunction with the event Kidston and his team have created an online resource for the car,, and are in the final stages of production of a definitive luxury book to be released in early 2017 featuring a complete history of the Miura, accompanied by stunning new studio photography and rare archive material.

In other words: stay tuned for more...