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The Incredible New Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is the Pinnacle of V12 Supercars

In Monterey, CA in advance of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Lamborghini just unveiled the eye-popping new Aventador SVJ, a limited edition beast representing the pinnacle of V12 supercars. It's designed to be a thoroughly Italian "distillation of extraordinary design, groundbreaking technology and the ultimate in handling, performance and driver enjoyment," on road or track.

Only 900 examples of the 770 hp Ferrari-fighter, Lamborghini's most powerful production V12 ever, will be built with the ones earmarked for the U.S. priced at $517,000. An even more limited edition, loaded with carbon fiber and dubbed the SVJ 63 in honor of the year Lamborghini was founded, will be shown during the Concours later this week.  

“The challenge to Lamborghini designers and engineers was to improve the purest essence of the Lamborghini super sports car," notes Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Domenicali, "drawing on every inspiration from a space ship to a jet fighter: all the most exceptional examples of super-fast, super-athletic, aerodynamic superiority." With a top speed of 217 mph we'd say they hit the mark.