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A dream is simply the first step towards achieving greatness. In order to realize that dream, one must make sacrifices, dedicate themselves to their path, and most importantly: have the mental fortitude to prevail over the most difficult of hurdles. Few can boast the full compliment of these traits, but those who can usually end up in the history books. 

Danish Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen is the embodiment of drive; both on and off the track. Every day, Magnussen takes steps towards his goal of becoming one of the best on the track — pushing himself not only physically, but molding his mindset into that of a champion. The fertile lush of Singapore serves as the training grounds for Magnussen to hone his body and mind in the hunt for dominance on the race track. Representing the Renault Formula One team, watch as he finds his champion in the heart of Singapore:

Enchanted by control and speed, Magnussen naturally gravitated to the finely-tuned machine that is Formula One. What, however, does a professional speed-demon drive on a normal day? The Infiniti Q30 an obvious choice for him to get him through the race that is his day-to-day life. Power, precision, and style all come into play while chasing the dream of climbing to become a true champion.