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Idris Elba Breaks Speed Record In A Bentley And Further Proves He Deserves To Be James Bond

'The Wire' and 'Thor' star is quite frankly...the man.

British cool guy, one hell of an actor, and the fan favorite to be the next 007, Idris Elba just broke a world speed record in a Bentley like it's no big deal. 

He got up to a casual 180.361 mph in the new Continental GT Speed, breaking the land-speed record (UK) set by Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1927, who only managed to hit 174.8mph. 

If you're wondering how and why this even went down, it was filmed for an upcoming TV series on the Discovery Channel called Idris Elba: No Limits--which sounds like the best idea for a non-scripted series ever. 

Elba can make anything cool, but breaking world records in a Bentley and other "no limit" activities is like an overdose of swaggering charm every Tuesday at 9pm. Now if only MGM can cast the dude to play 007...