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Have $1 Million? You Should Buy This James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine

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So the modified 1977 Lotus Espirit S1 sportscar/submarine from the 007 flick The Spy Who Loved Me is for sale on eBay and it's pretty much something you need to at least CONSIDER buying if you've got Scrooge McDuck levels of cash in the bank. Probably the second most iconic ride he's ever driven, after the Aston Martin DB5, this is one of seven different versions of this car used during the filming of the movie. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and real life Tony Stark, owns another one of them, so at the very least you're in outstanding company. This particular model isn't road legal and doesn't even start---so you're pretty much stuck just showing it off like the work of art that it is. Which, given its history and overall coolness, is certainty not a bad thing. Here's stills from the movie and a video clip showcasing the Lotus...



And here are photos of exactly what you would be buying...