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The Hand-Sculpted Porsche 911 Models Your Living Space Needs

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A few Porsche enthusiasts are taking full-blown ABS blocks and sculpting beautiful 911 models with a CNC machine.

After polishing each by hand, every model is painted with three layers of high-quality, real-life automotive paint and finished with a glossy coating. The end result is just stunning and the perfect addition to any office bookshelf.

Though there are a few variations available (custom, racing-inspired) the single color sculptures feel the most like art. Bold and beautiful, these large, eye-catching models seem like they were lifted from a contemporary gallery, not your local hobby store.

If you think this has a place in your space, you're going to have to be a little patient. The prices start at over $700 and as they're currently fundraising the first batch on Kickstarter, delivery isn't expected until May 2017.