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Forward: Formula One Gets Electric, The End of the World + More

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“Forward” points you to stories worth reading that weren’t written by us.

Electric Formula One: In 2014, we'll be seeing an all-electric Formula One series. [Driven]

The End: The editorial team at The Verge takes a look at America's doomsday obsession. [The Verge]

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer: Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew are back next summer. [/Film]

The Bloody Truth About Serbia's Vampire: We're regretting our pledged allegiance to Team Jakob and the werewolves. [National Geographic]

Most Expensive Cars in the World: Pocket change for an esteemed gentleman like youself. [Fun of Art]

Shocked, But Not Shocked: Leo DiCaprio's New GF Is Tall & Blonde: Surprise, surprise. Well done, Mr. DiCaprio. [Refinery 29]