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Rewriting Legend: Ford's Path to Glory at Le Mans

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On the field of competition, nothing drives the human spirit quite like legacy. 

Ford Motor Company is looking to redefine it’s own legacy in this year’s LeMans; the true pinnacle of proving grounds in the discussion of automotive endurance and efficiency. 

Back in 1966, Ferrari was king of the iconic 24 hour race. This didn’t quite sit well with Henry Ford II, the then head of the Ford Motor Company. Tired of seeing the Italian manufacturer run away with the crown year after year, he attempted to buy the company and assimilate it into the American brand. Clearly, this didn’t work, since we don’t see many F430s with the available Pony Package. Frustrated with this turn of events, Ford decided “if you can’t join ‘em: beat em”. He did just that with the birth of the Ford GT.

Flash forward 50 years later as Ford commemorates the anniversary of becoming the first (and only) American automobile manufacturer to break the tape at the historic race. How are they hoping to celebrate? The only way a true competitor knows how: by winning it again. 

In the five part series Ford: The Road to Le Mans, join the definitive American automaker on the road to reclaim it’s historic crown as it races to reinvent the Ford GT in time for this year’s LeMans. 

Each of the five chapters (the finale drops soon) documents different aspects of the journey, ranging from the inspired-whilst-daunting decision to attempt to reengineer the glory of years past to what it looks like from a driver’s perspective to be tasked with such a test. Hurdles will help define this journey back to hopeful glory. 

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Can the call to redefine the automotive legacy of a nation be answered? Find out when the series culminates with a unique look at the 84th running of The 24 Hour LeMans, taking place June 18th/19th.