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5 Superyacht Concepts Dripping In Luxury

Smooth sailing.

When it comes to yachting events, the Monaco Yacht Show acts as the bible of happenings over the course of the year. It's filled with all the key players in the industry to show off their latest and greatest. And while some of these sailing game-changers arrive in the actual water, there's always concept ideas to be shown via the computer screen guaranteed to make eyes water. And check books at the ready. Here are five unbelievable superyacht concepts from the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show.  

1.) The Mondomarine SeaFalcon 

This elegant sea-cat has a body length of 197.5-foot, and reaches up to 27 knots (insane for its size). We hope to see this beauty in the water soon, as she has premium tattooed all over her. 

2.) The VPLP Komorebi 

Coming in at 282-foot, this trimaran sailing yacht has all the good looks. And brains – its sails are automatic which enables her to propel up to 15-knots in 20-knots wind, without the engine on. Not impressed? She also has room for a pool, all the exterior dining space, and even a garden with real trees. 

3.) The Damen SeaXplorer 

Never really been done before, this luxury tugboat will be able to provide for any high-stakes adventure you seek while offering Mandarin Oriental-like accommodations. Who wouldn't want to be able to host a group of 20 friends, have access to the heli, a small sub, four JetSki's, a rescue boat, and a dive support boat all while tearing up the ice patches of Antarctica? 

4.) The Fincantieri Ottantacinque

Here's a beyond sexy concept – take a leading yacht builder in Fincantieri and partner them up with Pininfarina (who have designed some of the best Ferrari's on the planet) and make a superyacht. At 279-foot, this water darling has 18 cabins, two swimming pools, wrap-around windows, and two diesel engines to support her 18-knot sea speeds. 

5.) The Heesen Project Nova Hybrid 

And lastly, here's the environmental-first superyacht concept. It's a 164-foot vessel that can glide up to 3,740 nautical miles on just 22 gallons of fuel each hour its operating. She's also extremely attractive, and already in the production line for a 2017 aquatic debut.