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Fiat and Riva Joined Forces to Create a Special Edition Ride

Two of Italy's most iconic brands link up in an interesting collaboration.
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Riva and Fiat, two legendary Italian brands, created a limited edition ride together they're calling the Fiat 500 Riva

The tiny hatchback combines the timelessness of the Fiat 500 with Riva's infamous yacht style, including a hand-painted mahogany dashboard, ivory leather created by Poltrona Frau, and "Blue Sera" paint. 

Though the two-door may not be as drool-worthy as Riva's water-based rides, there is a certain style to this thing.

It's also lightyears better than the obnoxious Gucci x Fiat whip that landed a few years back.

We'd certainly prefer a classic Fiat (and a Riva speedboat to go along with it) to this, but it's great to see two of our favorite brands trying something new together. What are your thoughts? In or out?