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This Corvette-Powered Land Rover Defender Eats Crossovers for Breakfast

East Coast Defender's finest work yet.

We've salivated over Florida-based East Coast Defender's creations before – luckily they keep coming up with new ways to thrill us with custom Corvette-powered builds that keep the Defender dream alive even as it roars toward total obsolescence. 

Project Pedigree is designed to be more of a nod to the Land Rovers of yore while still letting your ride in perfect comfort and convenience.  That means a traditional white roof mated to a custom Bronze Green body along with a G4 Expedition roof rack with ladder, a full-width forward-facing LED bar and rear LED work light, and of course a Warn winch for getting out of sticky situations.

ECD added a leather-trimmed Puma dashboard and Puma-style quilted-leather upholstery to the seven-seat interior along with upgraded air conditioning, power front windows, remote entry with an alarm system, Alpine sound with bluetooth, touchscreen GPS and a Momo Indy woodgrain steering wheel.

Instead of the 1960s-rooted Rover/Buick 3.9L V-8 you'd expect to see in this truck, it's hiding a 6.2L Corvette Stingray LS3 V-8 good for a muscular 430 horsepower, mated to a GM 6L60 6-speed automatic transmission.

East Coast Defender is currently taking reservations for Pedigree builds which will be completed by year's end. Don't forget your checkbook....