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Luxury Tuner DMC Gave the Bentley Bentayga a Killer Carbon Fiber Makeover

And a power boost to boot.

German luxury tuner DMC is known for its seriously extreme versions of the world's fastest and most luxurious rides. In their latest assault on the senses they've revamped the Bentley Bentayga, aka the most expensive, exclusive and powerful SUV in the world. 

The DMC Bentayga “Gigante” is a blend of elegance and sheer wildness. Its most prepossessing features are a new carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber skirts, and carbon fiber rear trim. 

Equally striking is a set of forged aluminum wheels available in 22-24” which on the top end of the scale make for a truly menacing aspect and bring a much-needed upgrade to one facet of the stock Bentayga that has drawn criticism from would-be buyers.

Having seen to the Bentayga's exterior, DMC next turned its attention to the admittedly awesome W12 engine. Nor were they content to let the Bentley factory have the final word.

Installing a new exhaust system and overhauling the engine management interface DMC were able to boost the beast up to 692 hp, which translates to a – seriously illegal anywhere but the Autobahn – new top speed of 194 mph – along with a new maximum torque of 1055 Nm which literally pushes you back in your seat when you hit the gas.

Finally the interior of the ür-SUV DMC is brought up to speed with the rest of the project thanks to a new custom carbon fiber steering wheel with Italian leather accents, and a set of hand stitched floor mats for starters; after that it is up to each individual client to specify as many beautiful bespoke touches as they can possibly imagine.

With all the enhancements DMC's Bentayga is more than a match for the new Bentley Continental Supersports – which is bound to catch some smug sedan owners by surprise.