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The 10 Coolest Cars In Movie History

Get your motor running.

The most drool-worthy cars in movie history usually come from the coolest movies. Often they manage to steal scenes from otherwise unimpeachable actors. In some cases the movies would be total dreck without them. Here's our top ten, including some you probably haven't considered before. But that's why we're here.

1.) Jaguar E-Type, Danger: Diabolik

There are actually two E-Types in this ridiculously stylish French-Italian crime flick. Double your pleasure.

2.) Alfa Romeo Montreal, The Marseille Contract

Michael Caine drives this badass '70s Alfa in this often overlooked action flick, which admittedly isn't his best work. 

3.) Aston Martin DB5, Goldfinger

Most Bond cars could make this list, but the original is still the coolest.

4.) Lotus Esprit Turbo, The Spy Who Loved Me

"Wet Nellie" as the amphibious Lotus is known is by far the best thing in the movie. It's certainly stood the test of time better than Roger Moore's leisure suits.

5.) Lamborghini Miura, The Italian Job

The squad of Mini Coopers get more screen time but the Miura, saidly wrecked in the opening credits, is just so damn cool it conquers all. 

6.) Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto, The Graduate

Dustin Hoffman's ride is one of the most famous movie cars ever, and rightly so. Still an extremely affordable classic today.

7.) Ferrari 250 GT California, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

On the other end of the spectrum, Ferrari 250 GT Californias are extremely unaffordable. Which makes the crash scene that much more painful to watch.

8.) Ford Mustang GT Fastback, Bullitt

Not a lot of American cars on this list we'll admit, but then we've always been partial to Europeans. The most famous of Steve McQueen's on-screen cars.

9.) Porsche 911S, Le Mans

Another opening credits scene-stealer. There's not much talking in Le Mans which suits us fine when the driving's being done in cars like this. 

10.) Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Convertible, Blow-Up

One of our favorite movie cars – and movies, of all time. David Hemmings' photographer's world is "bounded by fashion, pop music, marijuana, easy sex" and this killer coachbuilt Rolls.